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Thank you for helping us, please keep in mind that we will need you again on the next update.

Gladiatus Crazy Addon Translation System

Hi, Thank you for trying to help us.
It will be easier for you to complete the translations if you use [TAB] key on your keyboard when you complete an input.
Also, while you choose your language type the first letters and the language will be found on the scroll down list.
Thank you in advance, The GCA team.

Translation Infos

1Language name (in English)
ex. Greek
2Language name (in you language)
ex. Ελληνικά
ex. DarkThanos []
(if names exist, add yours too) (if your name exist, add it again on the end)

Translation Variables

#Translate FromTranslate ToStatus

With ♥ by DarkThanos and GreatApo!