General Information

What practically GCA(Gladiatus Crazy Addon) is?

GCA is a browser extension(add-on). It is a small program that runs in your browser (Chrome, Firefox).

What GCA really is?

GCA works over a browser game which is called "Gladiatus" (made by Gameforge). What it really does is, making changes over the game so you can move around faster and adding new features in the game in order to make it better. In simple words, GCA improves your gaming experience!

Why people find it useful?

People love GCA because it gives them what the game lacks. This is because GCA integrates in the game ideas coming directly from its users!

Are you a Gladiatus fun?

Hurry up and install now the appropriate GCA extension for your browser and see the difference!

Download it for your browser

Download links: (version 3.2.8)


Gladiatus Crazy Add On 3.2.8 from Chrome Web Store


Gladiatus Crazy Add On 3.2.8 from our Server


Gladiatus Crazy Add On 3.2.8 from our Server

How to install

After downloading the addon...

Chrome: see here or here
Firefox: see here (go to 0.35, you do not need to rename the file)
If installations failed try this.
Opera (v16+): install it like on Chrome.

Report Ideas/Bugs or Request help

GCA listen to its fans, this is why everyone loves it! GCA will do what the game lucks or needs to be improved, based on your feedback.

Report ideas and bugs on our UserEcho page:

Ideas with the more votes will be planned to be included in the upcoming GCA releases.


Help us translate the addon! Make the addon available in your language, now easier than ever with our Online Translation System!

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