How everything started and our goal

GCA was not born as you know it today. Gladiatus Crazy Addon started as a compilation of two addons (Gladiatus Crazy Messenger and Gladiatus Crazy Helper) both made from GreatApo and DarkThanos.

Gladiatus Crazy Messenger was a Firefox addon containing most of the GCA's messages features. On the other hand, Gladiatus Crazy Helper, was a Firefox addon integrating a life bar in the header of the game (the lifebar that the game has now) and some other minor features.

These two addons met a great popularity on the Greeks servers (starting from GreatApo's old guild, Ελληνικό Πειρατικό) so the team decided to improve them more creating a whole new addon which will gather all the features together. So, Gladiatus Crazy Addon was born.

All the improvement where made based on users' suggestions and this is why this addon is so famous. Then the popularity of the addon started raising more and a lot of communities made topics about it in their forums...

Now the idea is to integrate into the game all the ideas that fans/players have, in order to make the game better and more enjoyable!

GCA Team

- Programmers:
• GreatApo
• DarkThanos
• djor *
* not with us any more but they will always be a part of the team!

- Special Thanks:
We need to give some attribute on all the people of the community that help us maintain the code by reporting bugs, translating the addon and contributing to our code.

Here are some of those people in a people.sort() order:

.WhiteGladiatur., Adamus23, Anathustra, Bazzi, Besmir Sadiku, DarkSide666, Dark_Knight_, Darksun, Dimitroff, Dominators_S3, DoonFreak, Eric Hsieh, Francisco Carvajal, IvoGradeff, JezdiciOko, JotaFraG, Led_Zeppelin, Legend, M33312, MANo0o0o0o0oN, Maximus, McINTYRE, Rune1, SatansWhore, SyStem, TANKISTA33, TheBreaker, TraiaN, Valentor, Vanlen_1er, WiLLsTeiN, Xe"aR"Mohamed3342, adamar, bujekx, djor, kelmaxine, koritze, mijo.vkci, niko, priscuss, proximilius, roro, tfmvl, titigrd, wupload

Excuse us if we forget someone and also let us thank you for using our addon.

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